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Qu’est-ce qu’un partenaire d’implémentation Zendesk ?

What is a Zendesk Implementation Partner?

Have you ever wondered what a Zendesk Implementation Partner is and what exactly it is they can do for you? Wonder no longer, let’s unravel the mystery.

First things first: what is a Zendesk Partner?

Zendesk partners are independent businesses that sell or resell Zendesk’s software. It’s as simple as that. But most partners go beyond just selling licenses and offer consultancy and implementation services to their customers as well. Some even develop apps or build help center themes for the Zendesk platform.

Types of Zendesk partners

To make it easier to differentiate between the different kinds of partners, and choose the right one, Zendesk divided them into four types:

  • Referral Partners recommend Zendesk solutions to their customers and simply refer them to Zendesk. Zendesk takes it from there, answering questions, and taking care of licenses and implementation (possibly through an Implementation Partner).
  • Resell Partners are actually involved in the process. You can buy Zendesk licenses through a Resell Partner and they’ll be the ones that invoice you (not Zendesk). Resell Partners often offer consultancy services as well.
  • Implementation Partners are the ones that really focus on implementing Zendesk. They have the knowhow to help you get started with the platform and set it up according to your needs and requirements. And of course, you can buy Zendesk licenses through an Implementation Partner as well.
  • Technology Partners build tools that integrate with Zendesk. Aircall and Shopify are well-known examples: their customers can easily connect with Zendesk to enhance their customer service.

Zendesk partner tiers

That was the easy part. Now, let’s quickly touch on tiers.

When a Zendesk partner meets certain business criteria they move up (or down) the ladder of tiers. Zendesk partners can fall into one of three tiers: Qualified, Advanced or Premier. We’ll spare you the details — all you need to know is the higher up on the ladder partners are, the better their contact with Zendesk is. For example: a Qualified Partner only has access to trainings, while a Premier Partner is constantly in direct contact with Zendesk (giving you a hotline right to the source).

Types and tiers are always combined. (That’s why our badge says ‘Premier Implementation Partner’.)

Note: Zendesk recently changed the naming of their tiers. ‘Qualified’ used to be ‘Affiliate’, ‘Advanced’ used to be ‘Select’ and ‘Premier’ used to be ‘Master’.

So, what is a Zendesk Implementation Partner?

Now you know everything you need to know about Zendesk partners (sorry you had to read through all of that), let’s deep dive into one specific type of partner: the Zendesk Implementation Partner.

The name kind of speaks for itself: a Zendesk Implementation Partner is a partner that implements Zendesk’s software. Implementation Partners have in-depth knowledge of the platform, which enables them to help you get started with Zendesk – whether you’re a small company in need of a quick implementation and a basic set-up, or a large enterprise with very specific wishes and requirements.

Which services does a Zendesk Implementation Partner offer?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer here. Each Zendesk partner is unique in his own ways, offering services to match their expertise. These are examples of services a Zendesk Implementation Partner might offer:

  • Implementation and set-up of new Zendesk environments.
  • Review and optimisation of existing Zendesk environments.
  • Development of sidebar apps for Zendesk Support (for example: to display webshop orders).
  • Design and development of help center themes for Zendesk Guide (aligning your help center with your branding).
  • Integration with tools like Salesforce, Shopify, HubSpot, etc.
  • Data migration (from your previous customer service tool to Zendesk).
  • Admin and user training.
  • Support.

Pfiew, that was a lot of information. We hope we have answered all your questions about Zendesk Implementation Partners. If not, feel free to contact us at any time!