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Zendesk Widget Configurator Tool

This tool generates automatically Zendesk Widget configuration code based on the Web Widget API


Today we launched our free Zendesk Widget Configurator.

For anyone who has trouble writing the widget code, or if you want a quick and easy way to test what all the customization options do: We just built this free web tool that generates the necessary custom code live for all the available changes you can make.

Our Zendesk Widget Configurator tool in action.

Our Zendesk Widget Configurator tool in action.


Everyone can use our tool to manage the Widget Behavior

✅ Change Language
✅ Change Labels
✅ Change Contact Options
✅ Change Color
✅ and many more options...

Discover our tool live here

You can discover our Zendesk Widget Configurator here http://widget.premiumplus.io


We offer this tool for free for everyone but know that you would make our team incredibly happy if you would like to share your experience with the world when you like this new tool that they have made for you. This can be done via a google review or via our Zendesk Partner page.


Feel free to contact our team if you would have any questions or if you want to discuss your project. We are happy to help you.

Have fun testing our tool :-)