Our Services

Everything Premium Plus does, boils down to the way we help our customers, and help them deliver great customer experiences.

We Guide, You Build

WORKSHOPS & implementation

Setup first, licences later
This is a workshop and configuration training in which we build your Zendesk together with your team. A typical setup consists of 4 or 6 setup days spread across one month. (1 day a week).

Zendesk for startups

WORKSHOPS & implementation

Our special service for Startup
We find it's not always easy as a startup to estimate which products & tools are needed to start up your business and how to set them up. That's exactly why we've created this program.

Our Integrations

Custom App service

Connect your data
Using the Zendesk API and apps framework we can build pretty much any integration you want.

Middleware integratioNS

Connect your data
If you want to use Zendesk as a front-end and would like to integrate existing programs in Zendesk or sync them, you've come to the right place. On a daily basis, we build integrations for our customers between their different systems and Zendesk.

Our Training


Custom Admin & Agent trainings
Give your agents the fundamental knowledge to deliver the best customer service with our private training sessions.