Guide Branding Service

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Guide Branding Service


This service includes basic changes of a purchased template like the logo, colors, fonts, etc.

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We offer our branding service for your Help Center for the price of €240 (one-off).

About this service

This offer includes basic changes to a purchased theme: we can change the colors of Help Center elements, use your company font and logo, change the photo on the main page, and use custom icons.

You must provide us with the colors, fonts and images you want to use. If you have the brand style guide we may use it or we may adopt the colors and images from your website.

The whole process takes about 12-48 hours. We will create a demo Help Center where you will be able to check all the changes. After that we can install the changed theme for free in your Zendesk Guide Help Center.

Need a little more customisation? Here is our Customization Service for this.

Comparison Branding vs Customization service

Compare our Branding service with our Customization service

Our Branding Service (240€)

What to expect from this service :

  • Change logo

  • Changing colours

  • Change font

  • Changing icons

  • Change Background Picture

Our Customization service (from 80€)

What to expect from this service :

  • Including all parts of our branding service, plus :

  • Layout adjustments

  • Creating the header and footer as on your general website

  • Other desired adjustments

Examples of our branding service

Here are some examples of our Branding Service that we have developed for our customers

  1. Edenred

  2. Stanley & Stella

  3. Easypost