Proactive sending WhatsApp messages


Proactive sending WhatsApp messages


With this add-on we enable proactive messaging from Zendesk to WhatsApp accounts of customers.

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Via our standard WhatsApp app it is currently only possible to reply to messages, but we can make a small customization in your Zendesk which makes it possible to (via a workaround) proactively approach relations via WhatsApp.


  • In the 'Phone' field of the user, the customer number must be present in international format (e.g. +3224204410).

  • When creating a ticket, a tag must be present from which we can recognize that a new message must be sent (e.g. 'whatsappnew').

We will then send the message via Zendesk to your WhatsApp contact, as soon as it responds this will be visible in a new ticket (If desired we can also close the original ticket directly so that you do not have double tickets open).

The cost for this customization is €200 (one-off)


It is also important to know that no more than 50 messages per day may be sent that arise from such a new conversation, this to prevent Whatsapp from blocking your WhatsApp number.