Theme 4

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Theme 4


This theme is extremely flexible.

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About this theme

This theme is extremely flexible and can be used by a whole range of companies, ranging from e-commerce shops to educational websites, even medical and health centres.

Page layout options allow you to change the display of content on your Help Center by yourself if you have some web development experience. The main page is very adaptable, and the variations and combinations are almost limitless.

This theme is suitable for people who are looking for a help centre that can easily adapt to your customers. This means that this theme ensures that your customers can easily help themselves and that they can quickly find the necessary information on the questions they have. The theme allows you to rearrange all elements of your help center yourself in a way you wish, while keeping navigation super simple. You can use up to 450 beautiful icons and elements with this great Zendesk theme.

Responsive and retina compatible

Our responsive themes for your Zendesk Help Center are designed for all devices and all major browsers. Your customers can use your Help Center on any device - on a desktop/laptop or on a small smartphone. In order to ensure that themes such as cross-browser and cross-device are compatible, we have our themes tested extensively.


  • Available for all Zendesk plans that include the Guide plan

  • Compatible with the following modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE11

  • Microformat, supported by large browsers, helps you better distribute your content to users through searches.

  • All pages are designed for both desktop and mobile devices to provide a great user experience

  • Fully customizable typography and colour palette

  • Free installation

  • This theme contains our "Layout" extension

Our Service

  • As a Zendesk partner we know all the possibilities of the Zendesk software and we add components that are not offered by Zendesk.

  • Our developers use modern design tools and double-check each piece of code so you don't have any problems.

  • Our Themes are compatible with Font Awesome (700 icons). You can use these icons in articles and other pages to make them perfect.

  • Unlike the standard Zendesk theme, our templates have advanced tools that allow you to customize your help center without external help or encoding knowledge.

  • If you don't want to spend time installing the theme, our specialists can do it for free, including content integration.

  • In addition to Zendesk's standard multilingual features, each theme includes language-based capabilities.

  • Make itMake it easier for your customers and agents with our additional extensions, such as notifications, his navigation and previous/next buttons.

Extra Services

Give your Help Center a look and feel similar to that of your main site, or add fun visual components and features not offered by Zendesk. If you want to customize your Help Center to suit your brand's colours, choose our Branding Service. Do you need more profound and individual changes? Then our "Customization Service" can certainly help you further. If you want to add extra extensions to your Help Center, take a look at our Help Center extensions.

References of this theme

"Here are a few examples of where we have developed this theme for our customers"

  1. Coastal Business Supplies