Talk integrations

We integrate your existing call center solution with Zendesk Support using Talk Partner Edition and Zendesk’s CTI toolkit


We connect your call center solution to your Zendesk
Our Talk Integration app makes it possible to connect all call center solutions with a solid API documentation. You get full control of your phone system in Zendesk and you can work seamlessly together with non-Zendesk users in your organisation.

Boost agent productivity
Allow agents to receive calls from a single support platform with time-saving tools like automatic ticket creation & CTI screen pop.

Gain insights in support operations
Centralize reporting across all your support channels with call data in ticket fields.

Provide consistent, personal support
Display the caller’s previous service interactions across all channels.


  • Inbound & outbound calls

  • Easy click-to-dial within Zendesk

  • Direct call control fr

  • Voice recording

  • Sidebar Zendesk app

  • Call groups

  • Agent status control

  • Call queue visible in Zendesk

  • Transfer calls

  • Caller ID lookup in Zendesk

  • Easy insight in earlier interactions/tickets

Our current Talk integrations



Fonzer is perfect for organisations looking for an innovative telephone solution or that simply want to get rid of the costs and responsibilities associated with traditional telephone systems.

  • Setup: € 1000 (one-off)

  • Price: € 24/month/agent



Wildix integrates Zendesk, a Desktop App, a Mobile VOIP app and classic desktop phones and headsets all into Zendesk.

  • Setup: € 1000

  • Price: € 39/month/agent