Simply connect your WhatsApp account to your Zendesk Support and start messaging your customers.


How does it work?

When it comes to 1-1 communications channels, WhatsApp has been setting the pace over the last few years. In this day and age of on-the-spot communication, you need to be where your customers are, and where they can reach out to you instantly. This WhatsApp integration allows you to add this ever increasingly popular channel to connect with your customers, right from where you already handle your support: Zendesk Support.

Well, this WhatsApp channel allows you to easily connect your WhatsApp account to your Zendesk Support, making it possible to receive and reply to all the messages you're sent in your Zendesk. Any standard WhatsApp account can be connected, no need whatsoever to have WhatsApp for Business installed. Handle conversations exactly like you do with tickets from other channels: apply macros, set a ticket status, and assign to your agents, just like any other ticket. You know the drill.

Content and Convenience

Moreover, this WhatsApp integration supports multimedia files. It allows you to receive pictures, video and PDF files. All you need to add an extra dimension to your customer experience and support. Add speed to your communication too: Instant Messaging is by far the most convenient way to quickly help out your customers with their issues. And for your customers it's likely the most accessible way to reach out to you. People are 70% more satisfied with customer support via instant messaging, in comparison to email or calls. Besides, this will allow your agents to interact with more customers at once, and deepen their 360° view on your customer content across channels.


Easy install

You install the channel as a private app in your Zendesk. We'll guide you through the installation process, which is very straightforward.

The application has the following requirements:

  • You need to have a dedicated smartphone with your WhatsApp account

  • The phone needs to be on during your business hours, functional and charged

  • There must be a constant and stable internet connection.

  • It isn’t possible anymore to use

  • You need to have a Support Professional licence of Zendesk (if you want we can also make an interesting offer for you for your Zendesk licences).





Less than 5000 messages

Send and received per month/account

Url link to attachments
for images / videos



Less than 5000 messages

Send and received per month/account

Real attachments
for images / videos

Possibility of using
our additional add-on
“WhatsApp message status feedback



More than 15000 messages

A special quotation will be created.

Prices shown are billed monthly per Zendesk account.

More messages needed?

In both our team and professional licensing model you can buy extra messages => 20€/month for 10.000 extra messages.

Add Ons

Proactive sending WhatsApp messages

With this add-on we enable proactive messaging from Zendesk to WhatsApp accounts of customers.

WhatsApp channel merging with existing users

If the mobile number, which received the Whatsapp message, is already existing in Zendesk, we can link the incoming WhatsApp message to the customer data sheet in Zendesk, to which this mobile number is linked.

WhatsApp message status feedback

When a proactive message is sent, we visualize the message status from WhatsApp in Zendesk which allows you to apply triggers and automations for this.