Why you should work with Premium Plus

As an award winning Zendesk partner we make the difference

Fast and smart implementation

Zendesk has granted Premium Plus the highest possible partner level for good reason. Our 7 years of partner experience and great knowledge ensure that we can provide you with the best possible guidance.

Our specialists know the smartest workflows and possibilities in Zendesk, and our many years of experience in customer service ensure that we can achieve the best Customer Experience, both for you and for your customers. Get the results you're looking for... but get them faster. Our team is here to help you get the most out of your investment, quickly and efficiently.

We feel very much like helping you to improve your customer service. Most implementations can be started immediately and are completed in a matter of weeks.

Breathtaking Help Centres

To provide your customers with quick answers to their questions, we develop great user-friendly Help Centers that are not only effective, but also great-looking, completely customized and in line with your corporate identity or even integrated into your apps. We even have our own Help Center themes with beautiful branding and a well-organized content architecture.

Great integrations and Zendesk Apps

To give your team even more insights of your customers and speed up the work process, we build great integrations and Zendesk Apps. We connect your technology ecosystem to your Zendesk so that your third-party systems (Salesforce, JIRA, Exact online, Dynamics,… or your own system) are visible in your Zendesk. In addition to the Zendesk marketplace Apps, we build Custom Apps fully tailored to your needs.

Clear and transparent

We don't believe in expensive monthly subscriptions for managing your accounts. Our work is tailored to your needs, and transparent so you know where you stand.

Award-Winning Customer Support If You Need It

Our helpdesk is superfast, often you'll have a response within 1 hour.

We have already been nominated for several CX awards (“Innovation” - “Growth” & “Deal of the year” awards). This acknowledges that our approach, and the tools we delivered to our customers are highly appreciated. Our latest award was won last December in Dublin: the “Growth of the year” award.

We train Ambassadors

We train and coach your people and show them best practices so that they become CX experts and at the same time your ambassadors.

We collaborate with other partners

We would call upon the entire Zendesk partner community if we do not have a particular expertise available in our team. We are therefore continuously selecting and testing the right partners and, when necessary, we bring their expertise around the table to our customers.

Setup First - licences later

We start with the Zendesk trial and one of our “We guide, you build” programs, and will only talk about license cost after we’ve proven our offer does the job. Only then, when we truly know your business and your needs, we can suggest you the right licence model for your business.