Call Center Solutions

Get more out of your telephone solution with customers!

Call Center Solutions

Build better customer experience

Call Center Solutions

Provide a more human interaction experience

According to PWC, 82% of consumers prefer a more human customer experience. 

Connect on every channel

Customers interact with you via social media, and continue the conversation via phone, email, or SMS.

Meet your customers on their preferred channel!

What are the unique needs of your company?

We will help you by providing the best solution crafted for your business. There are no communication challenges that we can’t solve.

Call Center Solutions

Zendesk Talk

Included in suite packages

Speak directly to customers and offer personalized solutions to complex problems.

Call Center Solutions


€ 30/user

Transform customers experiences with the IT-approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams.

Call Center Solutions

RingCentral Platform

€ 27,99/user

A contact center solution that also integrates with apps like Teams.

Not sure which solution is right for you?

Client cases

iBoss: One platform replaces five non-integrated solutions

Christopher Park, iboss CIO, solved all their communication problems by replacing the previous with the cloud-based RingCentral platform, consisting of RingCentral MVP™ for telephony, RingCentral MVP™ for online meetings, and RingCentral Video for team messaging and collaboration.

Call Center Solutions
Call Center Solutions

Brussels Airports scales its workflow using chatbots & WhatsApp

As one of Europe’s main travel hubs, Brussels Airport serves a very diverse set of customers and visitors, each with their own specific questions, meaning the airport’s staff also perform a wide variety of tasks. 

A bot connects now passengers to Zendesk’s live chat agents. During Covid-19, through a Zendesk hotline, they succeeded to answer to all phone calls during this tough period. 

Bennett: Improving the customer experience with RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center is helping Bennett’s massive customer service operation more efficiently serve callers than ever.
“With Contact Center, we can easily set up call queues, assign customer support agents to the right queues based on their areas of expertise, and in general create a better experience for our customers.”
Call Center Solutions


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Call Center Solutions
Call Center Solutions

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Call Center Solutions
Call Center Solutions
Call Center Solutions