The Zendesk Suite in 2021: what’s new?

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This day starts with a bang! Zendesk just released its renewed suite, and we’re thrilled to share the info with you. So, what’s new in 2021? Here’s your cheat sheet.

More than ever, customers are looking for valuable brand experiences that last a lifetime. They want to reach out to you on their terms: whenever and via whatever channel they like. But with all the CX software and different add-ons available, it has become increasingly challenging for companies to find the right tool mix that ticks all the boxes. 

That’s why today, our favorite customer experience software company Zendesk came out with a major update to drastically simplify their offering. From February 1st onwards, Zendesk will combine all its messaging tools and current capabilities into an all-in-one service solution that scales with your business: The Zendesk Suite. 

Five plans for every stage of growth

Available in five flavors, the Zendesk Suite makes it easier to offer customers rich conversational experiences at any stage of growth. It’s a lot to take in, so we’ll start with an overview:

Plans for everyone:

  • Team: Just getting started on your CX journey? The Team Suite covers all the basics. This offering entails omnichannel support with email, voice, chat, messaging, self-service, and agent workspace basic reporting capabilities. 
  • Growth: Take your customer experience a little further with self-service and more automations. This Suite is perfect for growing teams that need a little help to effectively support rising customer demands. 
  • Professional: Want to add even more ‘oomph’ to your CX? The Professional Suite is built for mature support teams that are looking to improve their operations with community forums, IVR routing, side conversations, and much, much more. 

Plans for enterprises

  • Enterprise: Personalization is key in customer service, and the Enterprise Suite is the way to achieve it. With custom roles & permissions, advanced reporting, and support for up to 300 brands, this package offers customers a personal experience at scale.
  • Enterprise Plus: The leader of the pack! The Enterprise Plus Suite is the best choice for multi-department service teams and teams with advanced IT needs. Get the full Zendesk experience with higher usage capacity, flexible terms, dedicated support, and disaster recovery. 

Want to take a closer look?

Add-ons: check!

The Zendesk veterans will have noticed: most of the former Zendesk add-ons are now included in the different Suites. No doubt the biggest change is the addition of social media messaging in every package. This allows you to reach out to customers via the channels they love to use: WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Messages. 

Growth, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus users can now also benefit from the Light Agents, Multi Brand, and Productivity Pack add-ons. And the higher up you go, the more included features you’ll get. 

Picking the right tools is one thing, integrating them is a whole other story…

Less hassle and more capabilities, that’s the new Zendesk down to a tee. But we know it’s not easy to figure out the nitty-gritty of these packages by yourself. Picking the right tools is one thing, integrating them in the right way is a whole other story. What’s the point of automation, for example, if you’re not automating the right things? That’s why you’ll need an experienced guide to help you climb the Mount Everest of customer success. A guide like Premium Plus, maybe? 😉

The past 12 years, we’ve assembled an impressive toolbox of best practices to help you pick the right mix of tools and create an award-winning customer service. Our company’s own Zendeskians have a knack for integrating software to make it work for your company. And by offering world-class aftersales support, we’ll make sure you get the most out of every feature. 

Want to find out which package suits your ambitions? Get to know more about the dos and don’ts? Give us a call, we’ll guide you through the possibilities.