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Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk for Facility teams

Employees are just like customers. At the office, they expect the flawless service they are used to from the services they use outside office hours. Does your organisation pass the test when you compare your Facility team’s internal services with those of Facilicom or DPG Media, for example? Zendesk provides everything you need to have an optimally functioning internal helpdesk.

And with the help of Premium Plus, you can set up your Zendesk-based internal helpdesk in no time at all.

Zendesk for Facility teams

Employee Experience is the new Employer Branding

Want to quickly get a ton of 5-star reviews from your colleagues?

Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

Satisfied employees

Allow employees to quickly and easily report issues and find answers to frequently asked questions in a flash.

Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

Breathing space for the Facility team

Give your Facility team the tools they need to efficiently and effectively answer questions from employees and management. Provide them with an overview and help them to help their colleagues.

Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

Enlightening insights

Get started with your internal data. More insight will help you address recurring issues and improve the overall functioning of your Facility team. And will make dealing with tickets a piece of cake!

Zendesk, the engine of your internal helpdesk

User-friendly and powerful tools, for your internal customers too.
Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

Simple FAQs and self-service solutions

Thanks to Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot, you can link smart forms to a comprehensive FAQ database. This means that your organisation’s employees can solve most of their questions and problems themselves, giving the Facility team more time to tackle the more complex challenges.

Limited manual input

With the Pre-fill Ticket Forms app, you can link a Zendesk form to a QR code. When you scan the code, all relevant information is filled in immediately on the form. This is very useful if you have attached QR codes to meeting room equipment, printers, etc. No one likes typing in serial numbers, and it’s very easy to make a mistake. With the pre-filled info, not only do you make it easier for colleagues to report a problem, but your team can work on a solution more quickly.
Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk
Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

Easily track and escalate tickets

Not every question immediately reaches the right person and sometimes several people from different departments or companies have to work together to solve a problem. With Zendesk Support, you can easily forward questions and collaborate across services and companies – without having to send a single email!


Why would you do something manually if you can automate it? Zendesk Support allows you to create workflows and set triggers such as setting reminders, automatically closing tickets, or templates and macros with standard answers, which makes it easy to follow up on questions.
Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk
Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

Always available, wherever you are

For Facility team members who are often out on site, or in an environment where not everyone has a computer, the Zendesk mobile app is incredibly handy. iOS or Android? It doesn’t matter. You can get started with any ticket right away, wherever you are.

Seamlessly integrated

Zendesk Support works smoothly with the tools your company already uses, including asset management, document management and internal communication solutions. And because life is already complicated enough, all Zendesk apps support Single Sign-On (SSO). This means that, when you use the apps, you can be sure of following your company’s usual security policies.
Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

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Zendesk as an Internal Helpdesk

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