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Our specialists help you with the right processes, tools, and set-up to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

We guide, you build

Want to use Zendesk but don’t have the necessary expertise? We will be happy to guide you. From workshop to configuration: together we will set out the ideal solution and guide you every step of the way in its implementation.

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Fed up with using loads of tools side by side? We are too. That is why we help our clients integrate all tools with the Zendesk platform. Soon, everything will work seamlessly together. As it should. Right?

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Data migration

Already using Zendesk or planning to start? But you have all this relevant information in your previous tool? It just wouldn’t be efficient to use two tools side-by-side. Well, Premium Plus can migrate your data to your new Zendesk environment for you.

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All those tools but nobody who can work with them? Not a good idea. Investing in customised training is investing in a better customer experience. That way, you get the most out of Zendesk. Money well spent.

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Smart reporting

To measure is to know. Zendesk Explore will provide you with powerful analytical tools that help you to map, monitor, and adjust your entire customer experience.

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Premium Care

A friend in need is a friend indeed, as the saying goes. Are you a Zendesk Admin and could you use some help or guidance? No problem. Help is only one ticket away.

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