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Premium Plus wins Partner Award

Guess who won Zendesk’s Global Award for New Customer Acquisition

Q: What does it take to win the Global Award for New Customer Acquisition from Zendesk?  A: Hard work, in-depth knowledge of their CX tools, …

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It’s not all gold that glitters: Premium Plus awarded with Silver Partnership by Aircall

We achieved Silver Partner status with Aircall, making us the first company in the world to win this title.

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In sync: presenting our Asana & Zendesk Integration App

Modern collaboration and CRM tools can help your employees manage workloads and keep customers happy. But it’s even better if you can get all these …

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The Zendesk Suite in 2021: what’s new?

This day starts with a bang! Zendesk just released its renewed suite, and we’re thrilled to share the info with you. So, what’s new in …

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Feel the flow. Why we’re partnering with Cloudset

Getting into the flow in your daily working life can be incredibly satisfying. But how do you ensure that flow runs smoothly throughout your entire organisation?

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Now available: workforce management powered by Tymeshift

At Premium Plus, our clients are always top of mind. So, if they’re looking for a solution to simplify their processes or provide even better service to their customers and staff, we’re on it.

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