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Let it grow: Premium Plus plants one tree for every customer

Premium Plus is growing its business in Peru. Metaphorically speaking, that is: we’re planting our very own forest! And we want to make our customers a part of it.

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‘Less is more’ and 4 other CX tips

Start it @KBC, Belgium’s biggest start-up accelerator, recently asked us our advice for starting entrepreneurs when it comes to CX. We shook 5 tips out of our sleeve in no time.

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It’s London, baby!

Premium Plus has officially outgrown the continent. We have established a beachhead in the United Kingdom.

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Webinar: Never waste a good crisis

In this webinar we show 4 ways Zendesk Sell can help you close sales deals from a safe distance.

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Mobile SDK

Zendesk’s Mobile SDK: mobile users are also entitled to user-friendliness

Thanks to Zendesk’s Mobile SDK, you don’t need to build an entirely new mobile platform for this. All that’s required is targeted integration with the existing environment to fully support your customers, even on the road.

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Gartner positions Zendesk Leader in its 2020 Magic Quadrant (and that makes us happy)

Great news for Zendesk: it has been positioned in the Leader Quadrant of Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Centres!

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