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Does it drive you mad to find nothing but buzzwords, jargon, and incomprehensible documentation when you do a Google search for ‘customer experience’? We understand.

That is precisely why we set up Premium Plus. No fancy words or empty promises, no complex contracts, or technical spiel.

Over the past 10 years, more than 750 companies have turned to us for a good conversation and finally an easy solution that simply works.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated.

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About Premium Plus

Our three principles

About Premium Plus

We're together!

As an experienced guide, we ensure that you don’t get lost in the many customer service solutions and options. It’s your story, but we’ll write it together.
About Premium Plus

The right path!

All roads lead to Rome, but with our critical eye and creative solutions we map out only one: the best. Less is more.
About Premium Plus

Step on it!

We will work with you to ensure that you can quickly, clearly, and personally communicate with your customers. Sound good?

As an award-winning Zendesk Partner, we make the difference

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Did you know?

Did you know?

Did you know that the Premium Plus logo is inspired by the world of mountain climbing?At Premium Plus, we believe that guiding our customers to success is like helping them climb a mountain. Our solutions are designed to help you reach the top, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of your company and everything you’ve achieved.

Our mission

Our mission

Premium Plus improves the customer experience by optimizing the collaboration between all parties involved. The customer is always at the centre and we strive to exceed his expectations.

Premium Plus is a One Stop Shop that shares its expertise.
We guide organizations to the right tools needed to connect with their customers and integrate to give context to the employees involved.



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Zendesk awarded Premium Plus the top partner level: Zendesk Master Implementation Partner. And with due respect, they were right.

With almost 10 years’ experience, we know Zendesk’s tools inside out. Our clients receive the best possible guidance.

Our team of specialists designs smart workflows, making the most of all of Zendesk’s functionalities. With our knowledge and experience, you will create the best possible customer experience in no time. We help you get the most out of your investment. Quickly and efficiently. Most processes are completed within a couple of weeks.

With us, you’ll find the results you’re looking for.

We develop the most user-friendly Help Centres so that you can quickly respond to your customers. And they’re not only efficient, they look good too.

Fully customised, in line with your corporate identity, and even integrated with your apps. We leave nothing to chance. We even have our own Help Centre themes and templates with good-looking branding and a well-structured content architecture.

We create efficient integrations and Zendesk apps to give you even more insight into your customers and speed up your work process.

We connect your technological ecosystem (Salesforce, JIRA, Exact Online, Microsoft Dynamics or even your bespoke programs) with Zendesk. This way, you always have your information to hand and a good insight into your customer, wherever you are.

Apart from the Zendesk Marketplace apps, we also create fully customised apps in line with your needs.

We don’t believe in expensive monthly subscriptions to manage your accounts. We deliver work designed for you. Fully transparently. That way, you always know where you stand.

It is not only your customers that get the best service. You do too. Our help desk works at lightning speed. You will usually have an answer within one hour.

We have been nominated for many CX awards and in 2018, Zendesk declared us Growth Partner of the Year. For us, this was the confirmation that our approach and the tools we provide to our customers are very much appreciated.

Together we are stronger and know more. That is why we coach and train your people. We show them how to use the tools optimally, so that they too can become customer experience experts. You will never find better ambassadors for your business or organisation.
When we can’t find a specific solution internally, we call on our extensive network of Zendesk partners. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of this community so that we always bring in the best partner with the right expertise for our clients.
Every project starts with a Zendesk trial and one of our ‘We guide, you build’ programs. The official licence comes only when we have proven that the solution works and meets all your expectations. Only then can we propose the right licence model to you.
Don’t have any Zendesk licences yet? You can come to us for that too. We are an official Zendesk reseller and will gladly help you put together the right set-up.

We are all about people

About Premium Plus

Debby Baert

Sales & Finance assistant
About Premium Plus

Benoit Smagghe

Solutions Consultant
About Premium Plus

Adrian Remedios

Solutions Consultant
Premium Plus - Irina Antonova

Irina Antonova

Solutions Consultant
Zendesk Themes
About Premium Plus

Yannick Van de Voorde

Solutions Consultant
About Premium Plus

Dieter Ceulemans

Solutions Consultant Asana
Premium Plus Geoffrey - Solutions Consultant

Geoffrey Brocard

CX Consultant
About Premium Plus

Bernard Moriau

CX Consultant
About Premium Plus

Anton Verhelst

CX Consultant
About Premium Plus

Bruno Muniz

CX Consultant
About Premium Plus

Melanie Maury

Professional Services Manager
About Premium Plus

Ana Luisa Santos

CX Consultant
About Premium Plus

Simon Celen

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Ellen Smith

CX Consultant
Premium Plus - Alexander Zorin

Alexander Zorin

premiumplus agustina&melissa 2023 09 06 0011

Melissa Soumoy

Account Manager
premiumplus agustina&melissa 2023 09 06 0073

Agustina Rojo Flaherty

Marketing Specialist

Sanne Cappaert

HR & Admin Assistant

Rafael Duarte

Solution Consultant
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