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Take Full Advantage of Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce Companies

More than ever, customers expect the very best customer service. It’s one of the top drivers of customer loyalty. How do you go the extra mile to serve your customer? Because, after all, they remain king. Premium Plus is the partner for retail and e-commerce shops to help you set up your Zendesk environment and answer all your customers’ questions.
Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

Get ahead of the question and win your customers’ heart

A 5-star review is the biggest compliment to get from your customer

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

High customer satisfaction & loyalty

Allow customers to quickly and easily ask questions and find answers to frequently asked questions in a flash.

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

Focus on the complex issues

Give your agents the tools to do their work more efficiently and effectively. Integrate all the tools you use and let your agents provide adequate omnichannel support without switching channels.

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

Enlightening insights

Get started with your internal data. More insight will help you address recurring issues and improve the overall functioning of your Customer Support team. It will make dealing with tickets a piece of cake!

Zendesk: the key to customer loyalty

Good customer support isn’t a luxury item; give your agents the needed tools.

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

Simple FAQs and self-service solutions

Thanks to Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot, you can link smart forms to a comprehensive FAQ database. This means that your customers can solve most of their questions and problems themselves, giving the Customer Support team more time to tackle the more complex issues.

Chatbot to guide your customers

Solve 6 to 8 percent of incoming queries with Answer Bot or Certainly. These CX tools analyze incoming customer requests and pick up on questions it can answer with content from your knowledge base. They send your customers FAQ articles to guide them to the correct answer.

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce
Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

Integrate all your tools

Messaging integrates seamlessly with all your social channels, whereas Voice focuses on your call center using Zendesk Talk or Aircall. Zendesk Support also works smoothly with other tools your company already uses. And because life is already complicated enough, all Zendesk apps support Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Omnichannel support

A fully integrated ticketing system is the first step to building a great customer experience. Zendesk is a central hub for your customers’ questions, requests, concerns, and reviews. Your agents can quickly and efficiently follow up on all feedback customers write about your service and products on one platform.  

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce
Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

Custom development to perfect your support

A custom theme to match your website’s branding? A feature or integration to perfect your customer support but that is not yet available in Zendesk? No worries, our developers will make sure to put the cherry on top of your support cake.

Report, get insights, and improve

Zendesk Explore provides you with reports that you can tailor to your needs. Use data and analytics to get detailed insights into your customers’ experience and improve customer support.

Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

The number one choice of online and offline shops

125 shops choose Premium Plus to go the extra mile in customer support

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Zendesk for Retail and E-Commerce

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