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Premium Plus launches Zendesk Help Center Themes

Guess who won Zendesk’s Global Award for New Customer Acquisition

Q: What does it take to win the Global Award for New Customer Acquisition from Zendesk? 

A: Hard work, in-depth knowledge of their CX tools, and amazing customers, of course. 

With the Global Award for New Customer Acquisition 2020, Zendesk recognises our past twelve months’ steep growth and continued success. Our project portfolio now ranges from ambitious Belgian boutiques, like Top Running and Bazar Bizar, to international brands, like Brussels Airport, DPG Media, and Carrefour. And, on top of that, Zendesk explicitly praised our expertise in software implementation. Double score!

We’re determined as ever to help organisations worldwide manage customer expectations, efficiently communicating with all stakeholders across all channels. And, we’re on the right track.

According to Ricardo Moreno, Zendesk’s VP Worldwide Partners and Channels, Premium Plus introduced a broad portfolio of new clients to Zendesk, bringing their view on the perfect customer experience to life. “And,” Moreno continued, “Building on its success in Belgium and the Netherlands, we are delighted to be working with Premium Plus as they expand in France and the United Kingdom, supporting even more customers in delivering the best customer experiences with Zendesk.”

Onwards and upwards!

Of course, this award celebrates our past work. But it’s also a steady stepping stone to our future international ambitions in this digital-first age. 

From Aircall to Zendesk, we now provide hundreds of sales and support teams across the region with the right processes, tools, set-up, and insights to deliver the top-notch service and unified customer experience that people have come to expect from their favourite brands. Anytime, anywhere.