Zendesk & Certainly’s conversational AI chatbot platform: a winning team

Zendesk & Certainly’s conversational AI chatbot platform: a winning team

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In the world of e-commerce, chatbots aren’t a stand-alone tool. To get your customer experience just right, you need an integrated ecosystem that combines all your communication channels: from email to chat and social media. In this blog post, we’ll show you how Certainly’s conversational AI chatbot platform and Zendesk’s customer service tools prove to be a winning combination for businesses looking to sell more, and better.

Friction-free customer interactions are the holy grail of e-commerce. With tons of (potential) customers visiting your website every minute, you need to offer scalable and personalised service and advice in real-time, with no excuses. But for your support agents, handling this ever-growing volume of online traffic can be a daunting task.

Want to avoid a deluge of emails or phone calls? Chatbots are here to help with your first-line support.

AI Chatbots for customer service: a breakdown of the benefits

Today, automating e-commerce and customer service is a breeze. You just need the right tools to get it done. Artificial intelligence, for example. With a conversational AI chatbot platform like Certainly, you can optimise your customer service in a heartbeat. This high-end chatbot uses AI technologies to mimic human interaction, creating a multilingual, always-on virtual agent that can serve multiple customer requests at any given time.

Using AI, Certainly helps you sell more, and better. The chatbot proactively recommends products to your visitors, delivers dynamic support, upsells, takes them through checkout, and handles returns. Moreover, the Certainly chatbot platform includes +14 languages using pre-trained and pre-programmed artificial intelligence.

These are some of the advantages Certainly offers:

  • 24.000+ pre-made e-commerce sentences
  • 400% increase in conversion rates
  • 60% of customer inquiries resolved immediately

And we saved the best part for last: Certainly integrates seamlessly with Zendesk.

Zendesk and Certainly: how they work together

So, why are Zendesk and Certainly so great together? In short, Certainly takes care of the first-line support. By providing instant answers to frequent customer queries and by guiding clients along the buyer journey, this conversational AI chatbot handles basic customer interactions – so your agents don’t have to.

When the chatbot reaches its limits, it diverts customers to your support team in Zendesk, providing agents with all the necessary information to handle the request smoothly. The result? Visitors don’t need to repeat their requests endlessly, and your agents can find all the information they need in one place. It works like a charm.

Use the Zendesk platform to its full extent

But there’s more. Certainly also enables integration with native Zendesk products such as Chat, Support, Help Center Articles, and Sunshine. That way, you can use a chatbot for channels like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and more. That’s how Zendesk and Certainly make multichannel support easy for customers and agents.

By integrating different channels, Zendesk becomes your company’s customer support hub. Your agents get an overview of every customer query in one place – no matter the channel. Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or chat: everything is centralised, so your agents won’t miss a thing.