Une touche d’orange pour Premium Plus

Premium Plus takes on a shade of orange

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We get on well with our northern neighbours! And although we already have quite a few Dutch clients whom we are happy to support, we can always go one better. And so, the time has come to open up offices in the Netherlands. And where better than in Amsterdam?

The place is bustling with economic activity. Many of our Dutch clients have their offices there, and a considerable number of them are expanding rapidly and can use our help to further improve the services to their customers. So, following the motto that “a good neighbour is better than a distant friend”, we now also have offices on the Singel in Amsterdam. We have moved in with other growth companies in The Next Web’s TNW City building.

It is a logical step to get established on the Dutch market. It is not just our clients who are happy with our decision; our strategic partners (such as Zendesk and Aircall) also recognise its many advantages. It will be even easier for us to enter the Dutch market together. And we are not just talking about the Albert Cuyp market.

The Netherlands still has plenty of potential in large companies and SMEs in various sectors. Some of them are already clients of ours – such as DPG Media, Sanoma, Q8/Tango and Wolters Kluwer – and could use some extra local support. Other companies just need to be convinced 😏 and of course, this is also easier to achieve with a team that has a local presence. So, our Amsterdam offices will be not only pleasant but also highly ambitious. Just like our clients!

As you would expect from us, we do not make empty promises. We will always keep to our mission to be client-oriented in our innovations and only stop when our client is satisfied. We assist organisations with their customer experiences, develop tailor-made applications, and support integration with their existing systems and the outside world (including Facebook and Twitter!).

We are located on the waterfront, in between Central Station and the Van Gogh Museum. So, next time you visit Amsterdam, you can go to the Van Gogh Museum and stop by our offices for a cup of coffee and a pastry!