It’s not all gold that glitters: Premium Plus awarded with Silver Partnership by Aircall

We achieved Silver Partner status with Aircall, making us the first company in the world to win this title.
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2020 was huge for Premium Plus. Not only did we set up a new office in London and manage to grow our client portfolio to up to 500 accounts, we also solidified our partnerships with some of our favorite software vendors. After having been named Global Partner of the Year 2020 by Zendesk (yay!), we achieved Silver Partner status with Aircall, making us the first company in the world to win this title. This is how.

Our journey with Aircall? A hell of a ride to say the least. We first connected with the company in late 2019, when we found out that Aircall had a great telephony service that integrates with Zendesk’s CX software solution. Only a little over a year later, Aircall gave us a Silver Partner Award as the first company ever. So, what happened in these 12 months?

After getting to know the experts at Aircall, we soon realized we were on the same level. We wanted to help our customers with Aircall’s terrific solution, and we knew we had the right expertise to pull it off. So, we started working together and managed to expand the business in Benelux, France, and the UK. After just one year, we sold 250+ licenses and convinced 17 clients of Aircall’s added value. Sweet!

Turning that silver into gold

With a closing rate of 32 percent on Aircall sales, we knew we had a great thing going. In fact, we enabled an impressive list of our customers like DPG Media, Deliverect, Lumosa, Cookware, Parkos, X20, Edenred and Pharmapet with Aircall’s telephony service. (Brussels Airport was especially thrilled with our solution: check out the story here.)

“We’re well impressed with your fast growth,” Anthony Tobelaim, Director of partnership EMEA & APAC at Aircall, tells us. “That’s why we made Premium Plus our first Silver Partner. We share the same ambition. The past year, your team has proved that it delivers consistent, reliable quality for Aircall integrations, which is extremely valuable to our company and our end customers.”

This year, the sky’s the limit. By reaching a Silver Status, we now get access to more support and training by Aircall to step it up a notch or two. That means we can guide our customers with even greater confidence. And just maybe, we can turn that silver into gold. “We have great plans with Premium Plus,” Anthony adds. “Big thanks to the whole team, you’ve done a fantastic job. You are really involved and a pleasure to work with.’

Big thanks to you too, Anthony!