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Centralise every client call

Keep track of all your customer touch points with Aircall’s Zendesk integration.

Today, your customers use various tools to get in touch with your agents and salespeople. Whether it’s a quick call, a text or even a chatbot conversation, the possibilities are endless. But this new multichannel reality proves challenging for a lot of businesses. How do you keep track of all these different customer touch points throughout the sales and marketing cycle?

Phone call, tweet, or email?

No problem. We’ll sync those for you.

Simple to set up. Easy to use. Aircall integrates with Zendesk and also fits perfectly with our Premium Plus philosophy. This 100% cloud-based call centre software initiates and synchronises telephone calls directly from the Zendesk console. That way, you can keep track of every customer interaction in this multichannel reality. And the best part? Your staff will love it!

Aircall + Zendesk:
a match made for CX heaven

Aircall and Zendesk are great tools by themselves. But together, they can do so much more. With Aircall, you can instantly add call center capabilities to your Zendesk CRM software. 

Key features include:

  • Instant numbers in 100+ countries with easy number porting
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Dynamic carrier switching for international scale
  • Free inbound calling
  • Custom IVR menus, call routing, and live call monitoring
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Scalable & flexible: features like call queueing, call routing and agent handling built for growing teams and multiple departments
  • Call automations: generate Zendesk actions depending on call outcomes, such as automatic ticket creation 
  • Teamwork: use warm transfers for teammate debriefs or assign callbacks
  • Live activity feed, extensive reporting and analytics: make informed staffing decisions
  • Caller details and ticket history: no manual searches needed
  • Call log details in Zendesk: inbound or outbound, answered or missed, call comments, call recording, and more
  • Integrations with other tools like Hubspot, Magento,…

From capturing data to boosting teamwork, this is what we can achieve:

Centralise communications

Manage all your customer communications in a single location. With the Aircall phone seamlessly integrated into Zendesk, support teams can centralise their workflows into one easy-to-use platform.

Customise workflows

Customise your integration by defining specific workflows to better suit your daily operations. Define specific flows using agent numbers or call type to automate reporting and create personalised routing.

Get to know customers better

Access your customer history effortlessly to give your customer service agents the full context of their phone calls. Browse notes, tags and the customer profile to get a 360° view of your clients at any time.

Gain more insight

The Aircall integration allows you to automatically log all your call data including customer profiles, dates, times, recordings and voicemail. Use this data to get a clear understanding of your workflows.

What happy customers sound like:

Premium Plus, the one-stop shop for your customer experience

At Premium Plus, we believe that every business is unique. That’s why we provide customised Zendesk and Aircall configurations in tune with your way of working. Together, we design seamless workflows that reflect the way your business operates. Count on us for:

  • Seamless integrations and custom workflows
  • Specialised solutions with a strong partner ecosystem
  • On-demand service and support
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