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Zendesk et le Facility Management : le plus puissant des moteurs pour votre helpdesk interne

Zendesk for Facility: the most powerful engine for your internal helpdesk

It is said that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. And that also applies to the employee experience. This is of course strongly influenced by the company culture. In fact, more so than ever before. In addition, office infrastructure and technology are playing an increasingly important role in the work experience. We already discussed this in a previous our blog about the growing importance of a strong employee experience, in which we advocated that businesses set up an internal helpdesk to make office life easier. In a follow-up post, we provided a handy checklist of important questions that you need to ask before choosing a software tool to create that helpdesk. In this post, we will go into these questions in more detail and show that facility teams who opt for Zendesk have it easy. What’s more, with the help of Premium Plus, you’ll have your internal helpdesk up and running in no time.

Employee Experience is the new Employer Branding

Most companies pull out all the stops to answer customers’ questions as quickly as possible. And rightly so. But their internal processes often run somewhat less smoothly. Employees usually need to be more patient to get a clear and complete answer to their question. So the solution is obvious: extend your customer service approach across the board and treat your colleagues like customers. Set up a well-structured internal helpdesk, so they can communicate with the organisation, and the Facility team in particular, in a simple and uniform manner. This will bring you a ton of 5 star reviews from your colleagues and management!

The best choice for your internal helpdesk? Zendesk!

Zendesk is truly a leader when it comes to customer service and support. Today, the tools of the American software company with Danish roots are indispensable for many organisations across the world. The Scandinavian penchant for simplicity and beauty is still there. And the great thing is that Zendesk is accessible to everyone, from the local trader to the largest multinationals. They all use Zendesk to professionalise their customer experience across the board.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Zendesk also work wonders internally too. Even though this makes sense. Why should the way you work internally be any different from the way you work with customers? Make things easy. It benefits everyone involved: employees, management and all those responsible for internal services in HR, IT and Facility, who have to field many questions and will only be too happy if this can be done in a more structured and intelligent way in the future.

Employee or customer? Everyone deserves the best service at all times

Anyone who compares the service expectations of customers to employees will soon see that there is barely any difference.

Whether you are looking for the manual of your latest gadget on the manufacturer’s website or logging into your company’s intranet because you need to know how the new office printer works, you want to find the necessary documents as quickly as you can – preferably accompanied with handy tutorials. A help centre with the answers to frequently asked questions is always useful – coupled with a smart chatbot that helps you define your search, so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of documents.

And so you can think of a lot of situations in which an office profits from a well-functioning internal helpdesk. This should be automated if possible, but very human when needed. In the latter case, it’s really useful for the Facility team to have a tool that allows employees to easily submit their questions to the right person. These ‘tickets’ must also be easy to monitor and escalate if necessary.

And what about the Zendesk feature set? Does that nicely tick off all the questions from the checklist in the previous blog? Of course. Take a look at the table below.

  • Does Zendesk’s solution offer self-service options? Yes.
  • Does Zendesk provide smart forms to easily submit a question? Yes.
  • Does the software allow questions to be escalated to colleagues and external parties without information being lost? Yes.
  • Can users easily monitor the status of their question or ticket? Yes.
  • Does Zendesk offer the necessary options to fully or partially automate processes? Yes.
  • Does the software integrate securely with the tools that your company already uses today? Yes.
  • Can you also find the answer to the meaning of life in the manual? You never know!

Use Zendesk as an internal helpdesk and give your colleagues exactly what they need

With Zendesk Guide and Support, in next to no time you can set up an internal helpdesk that allows your colleagues to easily find the answers to their frequently asked questions themselves. And if they need help with a more complex question, you can use smart forms to help them write a ticket for the Facility team to respond to, where necessary in conjunction with colleagues from HR or IT, for example, or even an external party.