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Enhance Zendesk

Filling the gaps so nothing falls through

Zendesk is awesome, but sometimes you need a bit extra to get your work done with features that Zendesk doesn’t offer. Don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect solution with our range of apps that’ll give you an edge for whatever tasks are at hand!

Federated Search de Zendesk : améliorez l’expérience de recherche dans votre centre d’aide

Our Apps that enhance Zendesk

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Email Template

Spice up your Zendesk Support emails with HTML templates.

$79.00 / month
One Time Purchase: $249.00 

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Classic Widget Configurator

Configure and customize your Classic Zendesk widget.

Subscription: $20.00 / month
One Time Purchase: $249.00

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Ticket Field

Copy ticket field and form values across tickets.

Subscription price per agent:
$1.99 / month

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Follower View

Adds a custom view which displays Followed, CC’d, Requested or Assigned tickets.

Subscription price per agent:
$0.99 / month

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Adds a topbar menu
with all your views

Subscription price per agent:
$0.99 / month


Problem Viewer Pro

Show an overview of active problems & their linked incident tickets.

Subscription price per agent:
$1.99 / month

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Looking for something specific?

You don’t have to settle for what you see here; our consultants can take your Zendesk experience to the next level.

We can create custom features tailored specifically to meet your needs, so you get more out of your day.

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To infinity and beyond

Unlock the power of customer service with Premium Plus! Our apps and integrations help you go to infinity and beyond what you previously thought was possible to create an end-to-end experience for your customers. Get ready for a 360° view of the best customer support that will leave everyone in awe.

Let us show you how integrating this doesn’t have to be hard.

Looking for a custom app or integration?

Using different tools side-by-side takes up valuable time and creates work for work. Instead of your tools working separately, we make all of them work together in one stable Zendesk environment. We’re more than happy to optimize your helpdesk experience for your employees and customers. We always strive for the best possible user experience on all sides.

Bring Your Favorite Tools to Zendesk Today!

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