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Small Team, Big Impact: CX Best Practices with Zendesk

Date: September, Tuesday 3
Time: 11hs.

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Discover how Zendesk Suite Professional’s advanced features, including Side Conversations, SLAs, Messaging with Standard Bots, among others can revolutionise your customer experience. Learn practical strategies from experts, explore real-world examples, and see how Premium Plus services can optimise your Zendesk setup to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

🚀 Key Highlights​


  • Enhanced Collaboration: Master Side Conversations for seamless internal communication.
  • Superior SLAs: Set up, manage, and monitor SLAs to meet customer expectations.
  • Efficiency Boost: Implement Messaging and Standard Bots to streamline support.
  • Advanced Self-Service: Develop an AI-driven Help Centre for improved customer self-service.
  • Optimisation Insights: Learn how Premium Plus services can tailor Zendesk to your needs.


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Rafael Duarte

CX Solutions Consultant | Premium Plus


Mihalis Isaak

Global Sales Manager | Zendesk

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