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Custom Zendesk email templates

Improve the interaction between your customers and agents and make your e-mails stand out with our e-mail branding services.

Zendesk themes

A unique format

E-mail branding helps your customers recognise your e-mails in their mailboxes and increases engagement with a special message. It also reinforces your customers’ trust in your brand. Your e-mail looks professional and consistent with your brand image and website. Elements specific to your business are also added.

Thanks to our e-mail branding service, you can create e-mail templates with your logo and company colours. We can also add your social media and other elements to boost your customer support experience. This creates a consistent look across all platforms.

Our email branding services include:

  • Adding your logo
  • Layout in your company’s style
  • Header and footer in your company’s style
  • Adding your social media channels
  • Adding links to your website (services, promotions, etc.)

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