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AI in the workplace: what about EX?

How do companies see the role of AI in EX? What about AI in the workplace today? And what does the future bring?

Artificial intelligence has gained a strong foothold in many companies in a short time. As AI tools grow more accurate and advanced, more and more professionals become convinced of their potential. For instance, to elevate the employee experience (EX) by offering optimal service in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

How do companies see the role of AI in EX? What about AI in the workplace today? And what does the future bring?

Al improves the employee experience

Developments in AI are always in motion and tools are becoming ever more powerful. Consequently, their influence on the way we work will only increase. For internal support staff, chatbots are useful helping hands in administrative, HR, IT and help desk tasks. That way, employees have more time for complex tasks that require human input. The use of AI, then, leads to cost savings, service continuity and a better employee experience, among other things.

  • 62% indicates that AI has led to a better employee experience in their organization.
  • 60% indicates that they have realized significant cost savings thanks to AI/bots.
  • 66% indicates that the use of AI/bots has grown beyond the stage of simple usage.
  • 67% thinks that their organization has a clear plan for the improvement of the
    automation/AI possibilities for their employee service.
  • 71% indicates that AI/bots assist in ensuring continuity when internal support teams are small.

Room for growth

Businesses do see the advantages of AI. However, implementing and getting the most out of it seems to be a challenge for many. The biggest hurdles are fragmented information within the company and the lack of a thoughtful approach to AI and automation. This means that many companies still have some catching up to do.

  • 56% acknowledge that fragmented data scattered across various departments poses an obstacle to more advanced AI/bots deployment.
  • 56% indicate that their organization has not addressed automation/Al systematically.
  • 51% feel their organization is behind in using AI-driven bots for EX.
0 %

of EX professionals are convinced that AI/bots will allow for significant cost reductions in the coming years.

0 %

expects that AI/bots will perform at the same level as human agents in the coming years.

0 %

indicates that training AI/bots is easier than training humans.

AI wil continue to transform companies

The influence of AI is already clearly felt by companies. In the coming years, technology will play an increasingly important role in the creation and organization of a modern workplace. Companies that want to get (and keep) an edge will have to use AI technologies in a conscious way. Not only to stay up-to date, but also to provide their people with the employee experience they expect.

Transformation is easier with a trusted partner

Rising costs and staff shortages: these are some of the complex challenges that organizations are seeking solutions for. In that search, they are also looking to AI. The technology promises optimized workflows, the creation of more value with fewer resources and greater employee engagement.

To ensure that engagement, modern employee experiences are indispensable. They increase productivity and improve performance across your business. It is precisely these experiences you offer with Zendesk for EX.

  • Service for employees: Offer them a uniform experience via e-mail, messaging, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.
  • Automation of workflows: automate HR, IT and other processes between departments for more efficiency.
  • AI: Use Zendesk bots and advanced AI for self-service for employees, more productive agents, optimization of help centers and macros and more.
  • Data and analyses: Measure KPIs and provide proof of the value of your EX investment to the management.

Are you convinced of the benefits that AI brings to the table to improve your EX?