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Training: become a Zendesk master!

What is the point of having many tools and subscriptions if you or your colleagues don't take full advantage of them.
Take your knowledge to the next level, and give yourself and your agents the know-how to deliver the best possible customer service.

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Zendesk Explore Training

Zendesk Explore Training

Premium Plus Zendesk Growth Partner

Training for the needs of your company

The tools and software used by your company are only as good as your agents’ and admins’ knowledge of implementing, using, and customizing them.

Premium Plus is a Premier partner of Zendesk, Aircall, Asana, and more, because we know the nitty and gritty of all the main CX tools in the market. From custom integrations to optimization of your subscription, we will teach you everything you need to succeed in CX.

Disclaimer: Customer service staff increased their speeds by 15% with Zendesk after being trained by Premium Plus. A worthwhile investment.


Which topic are
you interested in?

training 1

Content management training

Do you want to set up a help center or an FAQ but you have no idea how to start?

training 2

Support admin training

After this admin training you know the ins and outs of the Zendesk Admin Center.

training 3

Prioritising tickets in Zendesk

You will learn how to optimize your customer service by properly prioritizing tickets in Zendesk Support.

training 4

Explore basic training

Taking advantage of your customer’s data to make decisions and get insights is a must.

training 5

Explore advanced 1 training

After following our Basic Explore training, it is time to take a deep dive into the Zendesk explore environment.

training 6

Explore advanced 2 training

In this training you will learn how to create & share datasets, manipulate results so that you can play…


What our customers are saying

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No false promises

“I think the admin training is offering all that is promised. Due to this training I am able to dive more efficiently into the settings of Zendesk admin.”

I now see the true power

“Ever since I started creating queries and dashboards in Explore, I have been able to solve all the reporting issues. It turns out that all the most important things I wanted to do are already built in!”

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