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ChatGPT Ticket Summary
app for Zendesk

Provide agents with a summary of the problem, proposed solution, and sentiment analysis next to the ticket.

$99 per month

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About the app

Ticket Summary is a sidebar app for Zendesk Support that gives insight on Zendesk tickets right next to the ticket. Agents can see a summary of the problem, an overview of the (current) proposed solution and a sentiment analysis. These items can be added to the ticket as tags or internal comments to make reporting on these tickets easier.

Features included in the app

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  • Show intent
  • Show summary of request
  • Show summary of resolution
  • Show sentiment category and type
  • Add data to ticket for reporting
  • Sidebar App next to tickets
  • Works multilingual (always english output)


You need to have an active ChatGPT subscription.

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