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Don't gamble with your Zendesk implementations

Custom Zendesk Help Center Themes

Customer Service can be a hassle for your customers

Once you put your trust in Premium Plus, you enter a one-stop shop where you receive all the expertise you can possibly need.

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Increase your win rate when we collaborate

Data shows us that if a partner is involved in a deal, the chances of winning jump to a staggering 70% as we bring technical expertise and best practices in the CX world.

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Upsell & Reduce Churn

Customers who come to us for optimisation have seen higher adoption of Zendesk and also seen wider use across teams. This also makes them less likely to churn which makes everyone happy.

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Vertical Specialist

Jack of all trades and master of none
– heard of this quote? Well, we’re a master partner for a reason and hence we focus on three key sectors namely Retail, Technology & Sports.

Discover the full range of support and services that we offer


Our packages

We implement and set up your customer’s ticketing system so that each agent can get the most work done and help their customers with the right follow-up. Never wonder about the what, who’s and whens of client communication anymore: it’s all there in a custom overview.

Essential Packages​

No expertise? Or want to go live within 8 weeks? Look no further! Our Essential Packages are the perfect choice which also include our secret best practices to make your customer successful.

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Packages for existing Zendesk customers

For customers that use Zendesk Suite but don’t yet make the use of all products and features? Here’s where our expertise can help to get new features enabled or legacy setups up to date. We offer a Zendesk Expert to look after their instance and continuously improve it without the need to hire someone full time.

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Trainings to go
the extra mile

The power of strong tools can only get maximized when the right people know how to use them.

Do your customers want to increase their knowledge of Zendesk? We run regular training sessions to help them stay sharp and knowledgeable with Zendesk.

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Marketplace & custom apps

Do you have a specific tool your customer uses and wants to integrate with Zendesk? With our ready-to-use Zendesk apps, your customers are up and running in no-time. Want to go a bit more specific? We provide custom apps and integrations too for the best solution for your customer’s business.


Marketplace Zendesk themes

We love to make things easier, for each and every one of our customers. With our ready-to-use Zendesk themes, we always assure a swift installation and implementation.

We keep your brand’s vision in mind throughout the whole process while providing you with the best possible customer solutions for your business.



Code Monkey


Custom theme branding

Want to go even further with the personalization of your customer’s Zendesk environment? We provide custom branded themes that unite your customer’s branding and customer service.






Contact Center solutions that
integrate with Zendesk

If your customer’s service team gets a lot of phone calls, we can help you with smoothing the experience for both customer and agents alike. Have a full overview of a customer’s activity when they call. We provide easy calling solutions to make telecommunication a lot more comfortable and insightful.

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Telephone solutions

We offer an array of solutions that fit your need.

Whether you want to work with Zendesk Talk,
AirCall, RingCentral, or any other option we offer
guidance for the right choice, setup and support.

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We set up custom dashboards that are top-of-the-world.

This way, your customers understand the value of Zendesk even better.

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Your internal data is gold

We are happy to help you translate all internal data into smart reports and useful insights.

The ultimate solution to customer support via Zendesk

Excellent client-business communication is one of the most important assets of any company. The packages that Premium Plus offer are focused on optimizing that experience.

Our service is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

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About us

Premium Plus is all for making work easier for everyone involved. With our 10 years of experience, and 1.000 active customers, we’ve got what it takes to take customer service to the next level.

Premium Plus is all for making work easier for everyone involved. With our 10 years of experience, and 1.000 active customers, we’ve got what it takes to take customer service to the next level.

Our 3 principles

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We're in it together

As an experienced guide, we ensure that customers don’t get lost in the many solutions and options. It’s your story, but we’ll write it together.

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The right path

All roads lead to Rome, but with our critical eye and creative solutions we map out only one: the best.

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Make it personal

We will work with your customers to ensure that they can quickly, clearly, and personally communicate with their customers. Sound good?

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Custom Zendesk Help Center themes

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Custom Zendesk Help Center Themes

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Join over 1.000 businesses who trust Premium Plus

We are not just premium, we are Premium Plus.

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Are you going all in this year?

Win better deals and deliver a better experience by partnering with us and leveraging the full capabilities of Zendesk. Contact us today to get started.

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Custom Zendesk Help Center Themes


Custom Zendesk Help Center Themes


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