Zendesk is on top of everything related to online customer support services. You want to go there too, don’t you? That’s why we use Zendesk as a tool to reach your goal. Because it is this tool that will ensure that you always have a 360-degree overview of your customer service. The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk

The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk

Connect with customers on any channel

The Zendesk platform is where the action is. Customer interactions over phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place.


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Zendesk Support


Track, prioritise, and solve customer support interactions.



Email & social channels
Web Widget & Mobile SDK
Pre-defined business rules
Essentials card
Interaction history



Essential, plus...
Custom business rules
Performance Dashboards
Public apps and integrations



Team, plus...
Multilingual content
CSAT surveys
Advanced analytics powered by Zendesk Explore



Professional, plus...
Multiple ticket forms
Skills-based routing
Contextual workspaces
Satisfaction Prediction
Multibrand support
Launch Success Program



Enterprise, plus...
Unlimited light agents
99.9% uptime SLA
1 hour service level objective
Advanced encryption & security
Data center location

(Only available annually)

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month)

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Zendesk Support Professional Add-Ons

If you're on Support Professional or Enterprise, you can customise your plan to fit your specific support needs with additional features available as add-ons.

All Add-Ons require a minimum of 10 agents unless otherwise specified and are billed per month per agent.

Productivity Pack

Available for Support Professional
Included in Support Enterprise and Elite


Boost your team's productivity and efficiency with these features:

  • Custom ticket forms:
    Customize the information you capture for different types of support requests.

  • Conditional fields app:
    Show or hide fields in the request form when the user selects a certain value in another field.

  • Pathfinder app:
    Review a ticket requester's Help Center activity, including searches and viewed articles, from right before and after they submitted the ticket.

Collaboration Add-On

Available for Support Professional and Enterprise Included in Support Elite


Collaborate with team members using these features:

  • Light Agents: Allow team members to access Zendesk Support and work on tickets without giving them full agent permissions by making them light agents.

  • Side Conversations: Send a note outside of the main conversation with people inside or outside your company, but keep all the communication within the ticket in Zendesk Support.

  • You get unlimited Light Agents by adding the license cost of this add-on to your existing agents’ license.


Customer Lists + NPS Surveys

Available for Support Professional, Enterprise and Elite


Gain insights in your customer base with these features:

  • Customer lists: Learn more about subsets of your customers by organizing them into segments based on plan type, support history, industry, or other criteria.

  • Net Promoter Score℠ surveys: Monitor your relationships with customers by collecting and analyzing NPS surveys.

Unlimited Multibrand

Available for Support Enterprise
Included in Support Elite


Support up to 300 multiple brands, with up to 300 Help Centers, from your single Zendesk.

Multibrand Help Center limits vary according to your plans:

  • Support Enterprise and Guide Lite or Professional: Five brands, one Help Center

  • Support Enterprise and Guide Enterprise: Five brands, five Help Centers

  • Support Enterprise with Multibrand add-on and any Guide plan: 300 brands, 300 Help Centers


High Volume API

Available for Support Professional, Enterprise and Elite


Increase your overall API rate limit to 2500 requests per minute.

Data Center Location

Available for Support Enterprise
Included in Support Elite


Specify the location in which your account data is hosted (US-only or EU-only).

Zendesk Support Enterprise Add-Ons

The following add-ons require a minimum of 20 agents and are billed per month, per agent.

Priority Support

Available for Support Enterprise
Included in Support Elite


Receive a continuous 30 minute Service Level Objective on critical requests from our global support team and 99.9% of uptime Service Level Agreement.

Advanced SecuritY

Available for Support Enterprise
Included in Support Elite


Enhance your data's security with these features:

  • Data at Rest encryption

  • Enhanced disaster recovery

  • Ability to configure for HIPAA: Meet your HIPAA requirement using Zendesk with certain security configurations. You may also execute Zendesk's BAA.

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Zendesk Guide


A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents



Included with Zendesk Support

  • Knowledge base

  • Support request form

  • Google Analytics reporting

  • Search, preview, and insert articles with the Knowledge Capture app



Lite, plus

  • Custom themes

  • Multilingual content

  • Agent knowledge base

  • Community forums

  • Customer requests portal

  • Performance dashboards

  • Flag and create articles with the Knowledge Capture app and leverage AI-powered recommendations



Professional, plus

  • Team Publishing: Article lifecycle management and update assignments

  • Content Cues to identify knowledge gaps**

  • Multiple help centers

  • Multiple theme templates

  • Integrated Knowledge Capture workflow

  • Advanced editing and publishing permissions

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month. The amount of agents is equal to that of your Support license)

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Zendesk Guide Add-Ons

Answer Bot


(start price per month)

  • Add on Answer Bot to Guide Professional or Enterprise…

  • Automated replies to customers using knowledge base content

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Zendesk Chat


Chat with customers in real time



  • 1 concurrent chat

  • Chat rating

  • 30-day chat history



All Lite and...

  • Unlimited chats

  • 2 triggers

  • 2 departments

  • Zendesk Message

  • Widget customization

  • Public apps



All Team and...

  • Unlimited triggers

  • Unlimited departments

  • Operating hours

  • Chat and agent reports

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Private apps** (requires Support)



All Professional and...

  • Widget unbranding

  • Real-time monitor

  • Roles and permissions

  • Skills-based routing

  • Web SDK

  • 24/7 live chat support

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month.)

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Zendesk Talk


Provide more personal, productive phone support



  • Limit of 1 phone number

  • Automatic ticket creation

  • Call recording & voicemail transcription



Lite, plus...

  • Multiple phone numbers

  • Warm transfer

  • Business hours

  • Text messaging

  • Try Talk



Team, plus...

  • IVR phone trees

  • Call monitoring & barging

  • Callback from queue

  • Real-time analytics

  • Insights reporting

  • Try Talk



Professional, plus...

  • Monthly Diagnostics

  • Talk Usage 99.95% SLA

  • Failover on demand

  • Launch Success Program

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month.. Usage sold separately.)

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Zendesk Talk Partner Edition


Access to telephony integrations & CTI toolkit for:

  • Embedded softphone

  • Caller ID & history

  • Tickets with call data and agent assignment

  • Learn more about Partner Edition


The Zendesk Suite


Everything you need, to be there where your customers are, wrapped up in one pretty package —at a special price. 


Suite Professional


  • Omnichannel support with email, chat, phone, social media and messaging

  • Knowledge base for self-service

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Platform extensible with private and public apps

Suite Enterprise


Suite Professional, plus…

  • Roles and permissions, skills-based routing, and team publishing

  • Customization with multibrand and multiple ticket forms

  • Chat widget unbranding and chat web SDK

  • AI-powered satisfaction prediction

  • 24/7 support via phone and chat, monthly diagnostics, and launch guidance

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month.)


Zendesk Sell

Build relationships that matter

Sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams



Basic sales tracking for up to three users.

  • Customized sales pipeline

  • Fully-featured mobile CRM

  • Email Integration (including Gmail)

  • Click-to-dial and call recording

  • Basic sales reporting

  • Admin-only fields



Powerful sales tools for growing businesses.

Team, plus...

  • Personalized bulk emailing

  • Unlimited email templates

  • Sales goals and forecasting

  • Unlimited custom fields

  • Mailchimp integration

  • Zapier integration

  • Advanced call analytics

  • Core API



Robust sales solutions for established sales teams.

Professional, plus...

  • Up to 2 sales pipelines

  • Activity Reports

  • Advanced permissions

  • Product catalog

  • Lead and deal scoring

  • Hubspot integration

  • Task automation

  • Customized notifications

  • Power Dialer & Call Scripts



Maximum selling power for enterprise sales organizations.

Enterprise, plus...

  • Unlimited sales pipelines

  • Rep performance dashboard

  • Sales Insights reports

  • Single sign on

  • Firehose API

  • Sync API

  • Search API

  • Premium CS Support 

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month.)

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Zendesk Explore


Analytics for businesses to measure and improve the entire customer experience


Included with Support Professional and above


  • Integrated Zendesk reporting

  • Pre-built dashboards

  • Best practice analytics

  • Filters & drill-ins

  • Chart & dashboard export

  • Daily data refresh


Requires Support Professional or above


Lite, plus...

  • Customizable charts & dashboards

  • 20+ chart styles

  • Editable metrics & attributes

  • Calculations & Result Manipulations

  • Custom filters & drill-ins

  • Forecasting & ‘what-if’ analysis

  • Sharable dashboards & scheduled delivery

  • Roles & data access management

  • Hourly data refresh

(All pricing is based on an annual commitment and prices mentioned are per agent per month. The amount of agents is equal to that of your Support license)

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Zendesk Connect

Be ahead of the game

Zendesk Connect manages proactive customer communication across channels, to deliver better customer experiences at scale


based on monthly messaged users. Contact us for custom pricing.