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Message Board

Send notifications to your customer service agents.



About the app

We know you don’t want to disturb your busy agents. After all, you need them to focus. But sometimes you simply need to share something important, and sending emails might not be effective. So, how do you reach out to them, ensuring you don’t forget anyone? Well, the answer is via our Message Board.

Message Board lets team leads and admins notify agents of significant events related to customer service or specific tickets.

This is what you get

The Message Board integration allows you to send notifications to your agents in case of, for instance, downtime, new procedures, or critical tickets. Integrated into your agents’ workspace, it ensures they never miss a message. Message Board even gives you the ability to check which team members read the message.

Features included in the app

For admins & team leads

Create your message and send it to your agents in an instant:

  • Add a description, external links or links to specific Zendesk tickets.
  • Publish your message immediately, or schedule it for later.

As admin or team lead, you have an overview of all scheduled, sent, and read messages. You have the ability to delete any message, and you can easily clear out archived messages.

For agents

Agents will see notifications appearing in a dropdown menu in the top bar in their Zendesk environment. They can send read receipts for incoming messages and archive them.


  • This app requires you to enable Custom Objects in your Zendesk environment. More information about this Zendesk feature can be found in this article.
  • The app installs in either Support or Sell. Due to limitations in the Zendesk App Framework there is currently no way to post messages across both platforms.

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